Here you can buy all our releases in the physical format, but if you don't collect CDs, tapes and/or LPs, and prefer to have your collection as zeros and ones, you can download our releases from BANDCAMP (from where you can have the songs in MP3 320, FLAC and other formats - and from where you can listen to the music before buying it), CD BABY, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and dozens of other digital stores.
If you plan to purchase more than one item, please check the Bundles to save some money!

ATTENTION: We have now set the GERMAN shipping rates in the shop, even though we're still in Italy (but we'll travel to Germany for KEEP IT TRUE festival (where we'll be also selling) and send ALL orders from there during the first week of May - this means we will NOT ship anything before 2nd of May, but with the fast Deutsche Post service most orders will arrive earlier than if we shipped them from Italy anyway). We'll keep these prices until 4th of May midnight CET - they're the most convenient especially if you order more than 2 regular CDs and for all orders from Germany and from outside of Europe.
For orders from Germany it's 1,50 Euro for up to 6 CDs or 1 T-shirt, 2,60 Euro for more CDs or T-shirts, or 1 KIT History Book, and 4,80 Euro for 1-4 LPs or 2-3 books. And all over the world it's 3,70 Euro for up to 500g (13 CDs or 1 LP or 1 T-shirt) and 7,00 Euro for 500-1000g of stuff by air mail.

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